Guiding Young Learners

Elementary students are curious about the world and we aim to guide them on their quest for knowledge during these formative years. Through a wide range of classes and activities, our teachers guide young learners to develop important skills.

We offer a well-rounded education for little learners

  • Reading and Writing
  • Spelling and Handwriting
  • Bible
  • Physical Education
  • Math and Science
  • Music

Meet the Staff

JoAnn Stephens

K-1 Teacher

Stephanie Mayang

2nd Grade Teacher

Nancy Verduzco

3rd Grade Teacher

Linda Pitrone

4th Grade Teacher

Heather Martinez

5th Grade Teacher

Andy Clark

6th Grade Teacher

Kevin Kellbach

Elementary Physcical Education

Martha Hernandez

Teacher’s Aide

Iliana Olmedo

Before School Care / Recess and Lunch Duty

Connie Gonzalez

After School Care

Christian Education

Preparing for today and tomorrow

Our school is an oasis with a lot to offer. The best way to experience this is to visit us in person, so please schedule a tour to plan your visit!

  • Affordable Christian Education
  • TK/Kindergarten through High School
  • Safe and Welcoming Environment

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