School Profile


Student-Teacher Ratio

Our small class sizes support more individualized attention


Retention Rate

Our families come back each year because we care about them


Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is well above the U.S. national average




Since 1899

Serving families for over 120 years

San Diego Academy was founded in 1899 when Adventist pastor W. M. Healey rented a store at 17th and K St. The school served seventeen students its first year. In 1947, the school moved next to Paradise Valley Hospital and later opened its doors at the current location in August 2005.

College Prep Education

San Diego Academy offers a range of classes that focus on preparing students’ academic abilities, study habits, and character. Students who graduate from our school are qualified to attend any U.S. university.

Spiritual Growth

All our students are taught how to grow and actively carry out their faith as individuals. We have regular chapel sessions, Bible classes, and spiritual leadership conferences that provide a solid Christian education and opportunities to put faith into practice. Paradise Valley Hospital and later opened its doors at the current location in August 2005.

TK-12 Music Education

San Diego Academy students participate in a range of music classes and activities including choir, chorale, band, and more. In addition to group classes, one-on-one music lessons are available.

Athletics in
Grades 7-12

Students can participate in organized sports teams beginning in 7th grade. Our teams have the opportunity to engage in healthy competition with other local schools and have become league champions in several seasons!

Student Leadership

All our students have opportunities to build leadership skills. This is especially emphasized in junior high and high school, where students can lead as Class Officers. In 12th grade, students also have the opportunity to lead out in Family Groups made up of 15 students across all grades. Our Student Association carefully plans events that foster collaboration, competition and community building for our High School Students.


San Diego Academy is fully accredited


UC System A-G

Adventist Accrediting

“We truly strive to help every student we can to afford our education.”

—Cesar Segura, VP Finance

Financial Assistance

We are committed to ensuring our school remains inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to families throughout San Diego County.


Some needs based financial assistance available.